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We develop capabilities to deliver the new operating model of monitoring system and innovative revolutionary solutions. We will be a leading education services organisation respected globally for academic and business excellence, providing affordable and flexible learning solutions -powered by technology, innovation and passion. Learners, enterprises and communities will reward us with market leadership creating prosperity for all our stakeholders.

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Process Consulting

Meetings are a part of everyday life. Using a process consultant to find and resolve problems can quickly reduce conflict, increase effectiveness and speed, and increase the satisfaction of everyone involved. Indeed, process consulting is often “low-hanging fruit” and can energize people and prepare them for further changes.

Work-Flow Mapping

From the registration of students in higher education to the creation of report cards in secondary schools, there are many processes which can bring errors, wasted time, or dissatisfied people. Work-flow / process mapping helps people to cut the waste, improve the quality, and/or lower costs, while increasing student and staff satisfaction.

Change Management

Helping institutions to implement changes (even those which most people agree are long overdue) can be problematic; planning change in a way that cuts destructive conflict, brings creative energy, and reduces resistance can save time and money, while bringing a better outcome. Our change preparation survey can be an advance scout to learn about obstacles.

Strategic and Performance Indicators

Strategic and performance indicators can compare your school to peers; show trends; and help in planning. All involved parties, including students and the faculty, should participate in the selection of indicators. Wherever possible, new indicators should be compared to the college’s results in previous years, and to similar schools.

Role and Responsibility Charting

Mapping out each person’s roles and responsibilities are critical in education, where there are many constituencies, all of whom may claim responsibility for a task or decision. One way to do this is to set up a team of leaders from all groups, to find perceptions of roles or responsibilities (preferably not at the same time), and then clarifying which specific people handle each role.

Surveys and Data Collection

Having good information can be invaluable for decision-making, consensus-building, progress-checking, and focused change; data can be linked to key outcomes so a cause-and-effect relationship can be shown. Surveys are one common tool; universities often have extensive free or nearly-free survey capabilities; those in other sectors of education can often make use of their outreach or internship programs.

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